American Society

Established in the year 2007, American Society represents the American nationals residing in the Sydney. Where people can gather, discuss, learn & even mourn. The Society holds seminars, social gatherings & cultural events to celebrate the American festivities. Life away from home results in homesickness. Thus, we make sure to provide a homely environment to the Americans living in the Sydney.

The American Society welcomes newly relocated American nationals in the city yearly. This procedure weaves a strong bond amongst the community. People can reach us anytime through our helpline number for assistance. We offer medical, educational, emergency & social services to all the citizens registered with us. We have certain duties & responsibilities in serving the community. Such as:-

  • To maintain the social security of the American nationals relocated to the Sydney & its neighboring areas.
  • To celebrate the American Independence Day & festivities.
  • To provide sponsorship for the events organised by any American national.
  • To make a yearly audit of the accounts by a reputed accounting firm.
  • To provide updated list of the American residents to the local authorities.

We work towards making Sydney a better place for living. The American Society offer financial assistance for operation or any other medical issues, under certain terms & conditions. The Society is affiliated to AAA – American Australian Association Ltd in New York. American Society keeps watchful eye on the happenings about to the both nations.

Our Foundation

American Society is founded by a group of American intellectuals who care for the non-resident Americans in Sydney. The Society is a non-profit organisation that focuses on building a strategic partnership between American nation-state & Australia. Our motive is to exchange business ideas, the growth of the finance sector, empowering education system & enhancing cultural exchange between the two countries. We believe in all around development. It is possible only through two-way communication. Thus, we invite Australian diplomats, business tycoons & other celebrities as guests on various events we organise.

Research Center

Research plays a pivotal role in the development of the life cycle. Hence, we have set up a research center in the premises of the Society. This center opens the opportunity to learn, create & experience anything new. The students can visit here anytime of the day to research on their desired subject. The research center is partly managed by us & the Federal Government of Australia. We bring scholars, entrepreneurs, economic experts & leaders of the various industries together on a common platform.

Sydney-New York Business Hub

This is launched as a pilot project by the authorities of both the states. Our motive is to gain success beyond boundaries. Thus, we have created a dice where young minds of the American nationals can learn analytical skills, earning skills, a business expanding skills & skills to strengthen international relationships. We can learn how to make life better in different spheres from Australia. We bring socio-economic leaders together to showcase what partners can contribute in making the world a better place.


American students enrolled at the University of Sydney or any college/ institute affiliated to the University of Sydney is entitled to receive fellowship with us. This is a huge opportunity at comes your way. The fellowship programs allow you to travel & explore a variety of subjects while studying in Sydney, Australia. We have sponsored fellowship program to 300 plus scholars in the past seven years. Also, the American Society organise ‘Employment Fair’ & ‘Young Entrepreneur Week’ to encourage young brains.


Recognition always provides strength to do better. American Society admires people who work willingly towards development. Invention & experimentation is always beneficial for the human nature. So, why not honor those responsible for making life easy & hassle free? Well, we take an opportunity to welcome & thank the developers who made inventions & policies to strengthen ties between the countries.


Submit your document proof & visa details with us to avail the membership of the American Society. Our membership offers beneficial services for the American nationals living in Sydney.

We are located in Sydney and can be visited easily. Our employees offer all the needful services required to make your stay memorable in Australia.

Mail us or contact through landline number. We are at your service 24X7.

Feel free to ask for any help during your stay in the capital city of New South Wales.