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American Independence Day

04th July

The United States of America celebrates their independence day on this date of the year. We hold flag hoisting function, fairs, music concert, trip and get-together at the American Society to celebrate the Independence Day with full zest.


25th December

Christmas celebration is a week-long activity when people get along and relish delicious food and drinks. American Society takes this opportunity to decorate the premises and offer gifts to the members.

Martin Luther King Day

15th January

This birthday falls on January 15 which falls on the third Monday of the year’s first month. The third Monday is a federal holiday in the King’s honor under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. He was assassinated after he raised voice against nonviolent activism.


31st October

This three-day long event is celebrated to remember the dead. American Society also throws a party for the American nationals on this occasion, where you can come along with your friends and family to join the celebration.

President’s Day

20th February

This day also known as Washington’s Birthday is celebrated in the memory of George Washington, the first president of USA. American nationals offer respect to all president’s of America on this day by gathering at the American Society.

St. Patrick Day

17th March

This day commemorates the death of Saint Patrick in most of the countries. The government has declared a public holiday in the remembrance of the saint. We, at the American Society arrange prayer meeting on this day.

April Fool’s Day

1st April

The day is enjoyed by playing pranks on each other. Those falling victims to the hoax are called the April fools. The day is not a holiday, but we invite the American national for a get-together at the American Society.

Good Friday

14th April

On this day, people mourn the crucifixion & death of Jesus. The festival likely falls in the month of April or in May sometimes. American Society organises obituary for the same by inviting the community.

Columbus Day

9th October

This day marks the arrival of Columbus in America. People come together for lunch and dinner party to celebrate the day. We also celebrate the occasion by organising dinner party at American Society.

Veterans Day

11th November

The military veterans are honored this day for serving the nation. We here in Sydney also offer respect to all the veterans back home by gathering for prayer and party in the day later.

Labor Day

4th September

This day is a public holiday to honor the labor of USA. As they took an active participation in the making of laws in the country. American Society organises function to respect the same even being in Australia.

Father’s Day

18th June

Father’s day celebration strengthens the bond between parent and children. American Society arranges day-outing with dad, lunch party and outdoor activities where children can enjoy a day with the fathers.

Memorial Day

29th May

The nation remembers their soldier’s who gave their life away while protecting the country. We here at the American Society bow down head in respect of our brave heroes. All the American nationals are welcome here on this day to pay homage to the resting soul.

Mother’s Day

14th May

The day is showcase love and respect for the mothers. American Society leaves no stone unturned to make your mother feel felt alone in the unknown country. Step-in our palace with your mother and let her know your love.

New Year Day

1st January

New Year is celebrated with full enthusiasm all over the world. The American Society organise fest, carnival and food festival as we enter into the New Year. All the registered members are invited along with their family at the venue.